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Nice work,
just a feedback, I think you need to add in more larger chunk of space junk / destroyed spaceships orbiting around the sun and the collector base. it looks at bit empty without zooming in =)

Starkiteckt responds:

Thanks, and you're right-- I just didn't feel like finishing it ;)

everything is perfect.
just my personal opinion.
maybe there are still room of improvement in terms of :
- her nose.
- upper jaw
- higher contrast of her hair.
- and a little bit of "furry" edges done on her hair..
PS. I am not pro.. this are just my personal opinions.. hopes it helps... ^^"

Jankov responds:

It definetly helped! I'll continue working on myself! Thank you very much!

I really like this kind of art.. what style does it called actually? =)

Revolutsia responds:

I don't know how to describe the style, but as for the process, it was pretty similar to solid brush markers, as this was a flattened chalk brush with 15% flow, pure black and whites, no middle values. (Ie. Greys)
Similar to.... http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/revolutsia/the-hugging-tree
The only difference being that the Hugging Tree was done with a NON FLATTENED chalk brush with 15% flow.

The drawing style seem to be improved a lot! =O

WaldFlieger responds:

Thanks a lot! :D

Must be a ninja spirit that possessed the dvd player..

ChazDude responds:

Must be.

SO CUTE! and the description matched with the artwork really well.. XD

IDontKnowCorp responds:


with more added detail (especially on his legs) this pic will become perfect. =)

mannyhaatz responds:

Thank you! Perhaps I will add to this image; great suggestion man!

As awesome as always! =D

AtTheSpeedOf responds:

Thank you!

to be honest.. I kind of like the joke... but not the artwork.. lol

MadnessTroll responds:

let's see it as a special art style

I actually thought that this is just a photo showing your fav car.. before reading the description.. :O

BlazingEclipse responds:

I've had people give me a zero before because they thought it was a photo, glad you read the description first before rating.

like to play games.. looking for ways to get a cheap drawing tablet.. lol Currently my only drawing instrument is a window phone. and a big fan of fantasia painter app...



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