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Personaly I don't know how to do animations. but here are my personal opinion and suggestions.
I like the style of drawing..
But the jokes are kind of old..
- Especially the bucket one, I was expect you to do something funny after you put the bucket on her.. but the joke just cut off like that. It would be better if you actually did it on merchant instead of guard.

- The flow of story telling and animation are kind of stiff.. and repeated scene somehow kills off the fun. would recommend using different places and slight change of the guard outfits.

- Somehow the Dragonborn facial expression didn't match the nature of this video / joke.. more exaggerated facial expression would be great.. XD

Love every thing about this.. except the genre of music.. =)

I didn't expect that ending.. lol

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the control is really smooth.. and I like the music very much! =D
but for some reason your game crashed my firefox 3 times in a row. usually when you beat a level and wait for loading.

Playdor responds:

Thank you! :) Strange it crashes in Firefox, try playing in Chrome.

one of the best game in newground! =)
well..just a suggestion...
if possible could you change the death sound for the enemy? it becomes quite annoying after sometime.. lol

I was expecting to have some gore.. (like HTF style) lol

Evil-Dog responds:

dogs and bullies exploding to shit not gore enough for you? :)

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It is really hard to find remix OST from curse of darkness!!! I really like this remix.. =)
By the way can you do Garibaldi courtyard as well? =D

MusicWizard responds:

I will check into that, and thanks for the comment.

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A really good painting..
love the mood of the painting, the contrast and those little small details hidden in each corner of the painting, helps to explain the message it carry.
I can feel the sadness of the man feel by just looking at it... ='(

Nice work,
just a feedback, I think you need to add in more larger chunk of space junk / destroyed spaceships orbiting around the sun and the collector base. it looks at bit empty without zooming in =)

Starkiteckt responds:

Thanks, and you're right-- I just didn't feel like finishing it ;)

everything is perfect.
just my personal opinion.
maybe there are still room of improvement in terms of :
- her nose.
- upper jaw
- higher contrast of her hair.
- and a little bit of "furry" edges done on her hair..
PS. I am not pro.. this are just my personal opinions.. hopes it helps... ^^"

Jankov responds:

It definetly helped! I'll continue working on myself! Thank you very much!

like to play games.. looking for ways to get a cheap drawing tablet.. lol Currently my only drawing instrument is a window phone. and a big fan of fantasia painter app...



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