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Personaly I don't know how to do animations. but here are my personal opinion and suggestions.
I like the style of drawing..
But the jokes are kind of old..
- Especially the bucket one, I was expect you to do something funny after you put the bucket on her.. but the joke just cut off like that. It would be better if you actually did it on merchant instead of guard.

- The flow of story telling and animation are kind of stiff.. and repeated scene somehow kills off the fun. would recommend using different places and slight change of the guard outfits.

- Somehow the Dragonborn facial expression didn't match the nature of this video / joke.. more exaggerated facial expression would be great.. XD

Love every thing about this.. except the genre of music.. =)

I didn't expect that ending.. lol

Feels like looking into a mirror.. XD

Love the pure randomness.. lol
nice sync of voice acting with the animation.. XD

love the art style, animation and voice acting..XD
ps.. is this a parody ? lol

Really great film !
But there are a few things that I don't understand.. is that mean he was dead the whole time wihtout himself even realizing it or does he remember the gun shot and was being saved, but he died from heart attack from remember he was mortality wounded back than?

Really like the idea of actually linking 4 different cards into a story.. =)
I don't know if it has been done before.. but..
is it possible for you to make another one, but this time based on 10 randomly picked cards.. XD

Yugimations responds:

Thanks for the comment. I haven't done any animations with random cards, all of them are mediated and determined which will have the best impact. I have more on my youtube channel


Nice animation and features (press space bar to continue, scene select)
however the only thing I don't satisfy about is, it is a bit lengthy..I would actually suggest the use of split screen in some point and put the spot light on different chac who are doing related things together.. in order to save some time..
well just a suggestion though.. because I also not good at animation.. XD

Ever considered about making part2? lol

like to play games.. looking for ways to get a cheap drawing tablet.. lol Currently my only drawing instrument is a window phone. and a big fan of fantasia painter app...



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